Case 1:When the camera is used with a battery-supported device, the image of Futudent recording software will be frozen after a certain period (less than one hour) of video shooting.
We always recommend that you use plugged power when recording longer videos. If you use battery supported device, set "Never" to never go to sleep on the screen or PC.
Please note: Any power change during recording may freeze the screen image.
For example: For Windows 10 devices, by searching for "power and sleep", open the app and change the settings on the page.


Case 2: Using the camera with a power plugged device, Futudent recording software image is frozen after a certain time (more than one hour) video shooting.
It may cause by similar reason as above. We recommend setting "never" go sleep either screen nor PC if it is power plugged.


Case 3: Futudent recording software was frozen or shattered during long video shooting.
Make sure you have enough space on your hardware to store the videos. We recommend that it requires 1G (c: |) to support shooting video.
For example, shooting 1 hour 4K video is about 12G, shooting 1 hour 1080p video is about 4GB, and shooting 1 hour 720p video is 65MB.
Note that if the device runs out of space during recording, the image will freeze.