Windows system do not always recognize the camera correctly. As shown in the screenshot below, EduCam is considered a universal USB video device. In the case, the camera will not work properly with Futudent Recording Software.

Erroneous situation

(EduCam is considered a universal USB video device)

Erroneous situation

Possible solution

  1. Go to the Device Manager
  2. Right-click Device (USB Video Device) which has the wrong name or is not working
  3. Select “uninstall” of the Device
    Repeat this if there are multiple instances of the same name
  4. Restart computer
  5. Plug the camera to the PC
  6. Open the Futudent Recording Software and click the “refresh” button.
    Ensure the camera is recognized as Futudent EduCam

Properly recognized camera

(Recognized as Futudent EduCam)

 Properly recognised camera