Installing the camera to the overhead light

Mounting a camera to the chair-light is an easy and effective way to integrate camera technology into every operatory room. The chair-light is an ideal location for capturing images. Videos and pictures can be taken easily by simply stepping on a pedal. This means no more interruption of the procedure to get high-quality documentation of any procedure the moment it’s needed. It is table footage and it is always available to be utilized by everyone in the room

Replace by Ball-mount retrofit

1. Unscrew the two cylindrical screws on each side to dismount the dovetail attachment. Unscrew the two cylindrical
2. Replace the dovetail mount with the new ball-mount attachment, set and tighten the two screws again. Twist the ball-mount into the similar position than in the photo below. Replace the dovetail mount
3. Slide the ball-mount onto the slider as seen below. Check that the orientation is the same as in the photo. Slide the ball-mount
Align the slider on your light in a way that allows you to easily attach the cable to the camera. Once you are satisfied with the orientation, remove the protective paper from the bottom of the slider and press it firmly in place.
4.  Twist the camera around a few times to check the tightness of the ball-mount. It should feel easy but firm to turn around. If the joint feels too loose, you can tighten the adjustment screw (see the photo).    


You can now align your camera with your light by simply turning it around and using preview mode in the Futudent software.

Install to overhead light

1. Find the needed attachment in the installation kits. The cable fixing attachment, camera connecting cable and camera fixing attachment AttachLight attachments need
2. Put the sticker attachments to a suitable place on the light. Do not let stickers over 50° C that will not hold the camera SliderTo light (1) Cable stickers
3. Placed the cable sticker and install the camera connection cable Cablefixed
4. Change Ball-mount retrofit to the camera as above mentioned.  Slide the ball-mount
5. Sliding the Camera and plug the camera  installed