Installation guide for attaching camera to Orascoptic TTL loupes

This instruction is valid for the following Orascoptic frames

Legend Rave Revolution Victory Rydon

image2016-5-2 14_4_34

Orascoptic TTLS2 Orascoptic TTLS3 image2016-5-2 14_6_28 Orascoptic TTLS5

Mounting the bracket (mount is purchasable, not included in the standard sale package)

  • The purchased package includes hexagonal driver and an attachment bracket.
    Orascoptic TTLI1
  • There is an “Orascoptic” branded plate at the nose bridge of the loupes. Remove it.
    Orascoptic TTLI2
  • Take the attachment and mount it to the two screw holes that appeared behind the plate.
    Orascoptic TTLI4
  • Slide the Futudent camera on the bracket.
    Orascoptic TTLI5
  • Use the other driver in the package to adjust the camera alignment.