The package includes the following parts:
1. Case for protection
2. Charger
3. US-plug for the charger
4. Optic filter
5. Battery
6. LED light

Optic filter

When needed, place the optic filter on the LED light.

You can turn the orange shield to cover the light beam.



Attaching the Futulight to your camera: 

1. The light is delivered with a connector to fit the counter-piece on top of Futudent camera.                 
2. Just slide the light on its place, ensure that you push it firmly to the bottom of the slide connector.
3. Remember to align the camera and light.



Battery information:

1. On/off switch & light intensity adjustment

2. Light on when charging

3. Battery life indicators


Technical specifications:

Safety information

1. Charger: 110V-220VAC, 50-60Hz
2. Battery capacity: 3,7V 4400mAh
3. Battery life: With full intensity about 9h, with 50% intensity about 13h
4. Charging time to reach full charge: 10h
5. Max output: 32 000LUX, linearly adjustable
6. Color temperature: ~6500K
7. Light spot size: Approximately 7 cm diameter from 25 cm distance

1. Use the charger only to power the battery delivered with the package. Do not use any other charger to charge the battery. Misuse may result in the failure of the charger or the battery.
2. The charger and light are designed for indoor use only. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
3. Any alteration to the equipment without manufacturers permission may result in a failure.
4. Clean the LED light and/or battery with mild detergent and micro- fibre cloth. 
5. When in use place the LED light wire in a way that it’s not exposed to any kind of wearing, abrasion or friction.
6. Products may be serviced only by the manufacturer.
7. Dispose of batteries needs to be made at an authorized site.