When setting up the camera for use, the Futudent camera has to be focused based on working distance and other recording conditions (loupe, overhead light, gooseneck).

Forcing your camera 

1.  Find the Focus Card in the camera case 

Futudent focus-card

2.  Mount the camera as you intend to use it- on loupe or  on overhead-light
3.  Put the focus card at your normal working distance

4. Aim the camera  

  • If using a loupe, look at the center of the focus card through your loupe.
  • Align the camera to the center of  the focus card.

5. Focus the camera

  • Rotate the camera lens to focus the image.
  • Try to get the "thin" lines as sharp as possible.

Please note: the information is available with the "Quick guide" inside sales package.