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Zeiss EyeMag Pro Mount (Installation in PDF)

  • Insert the 2 screws on the mount into the 2 holes on the hinge of your loupes.
  • Tighten the screws down. 
  • Slide the headlight onto the mount. 
  • Done

Note: if you are using the Zeiss EyeMag Pro S (headgear), you will need to remove and re-insert the screw in the opposite direction and turn the grey Linkage Arm to face the opposite way. After changing their direction, then follow the above steps.  


Zeiss EyeMag Smart Mount 


Reference loupe models to the connectors

Connector product codes References Loupe models (Note: there may differ due to the hardware development)

EyeMag Pro Flip-Up


EyeMag Smart Flip-Up