Product code  Product picture  Product full name and installation
QO-TTL-2 Posts

Q-Optics TTL - all frames with "2 posts" features (Installation in PDF)

  •  Remove cover/cap from frames to reveal mounting screws.
  • Ensure grey Linkage Arm is oriented on top of the mount.
  • Slide Eclipse mount onto mounting screws.
  • Done!
QO-U-Bracket/J-Hook  SUR-TTL-HalfJacket-png

Q-Optics U-Bracket/J-Hook

  • Back out the set screw until it is flush with the inside of the mount.
  • Slide the nose bridge (frame) into the opening of the U-bracket mount.
  • Tighten down set screw once mount is in place.
  • Done!
QO-Flip Up-Oval

Q-Optics Flip up Oval Crossbar

  • Ensure the grey Linkage Arm is oriented on top.
  • Slide mount onto crossbar.
  • Done!


Reference loupe models to the connectors

Connector product codes References Loupe models (Note: there may differ due to the hardware development)
QO-TTL-2 Posts

Eclipse Ti (Eclipse)

Fashion (2 Posts/U-bracket)

Standard (2 Posts/U-bracket)


Safety (J-hook)

Fashion (U-bracket)

Standard (U-bracket)

QO-Flip Up-Oval

Oval Cross bar (QO Flip-Up)

Square Cross bar (8mm Flip-Up)