Futudent recording software is used for taking pictures and recording videos during the treatments. Photos and videos can be saved to Futudent cloud and shared with patients or colleagues. Photos and videos can also be saved locally on your computer or USB drives. All videos are encoded on the fly to Mpeg-4 format.

- Before installing the software, we recommend checking your PC if it is compatible with the software.

- During the software installing process, please grant all necessary access right to the Futudent application. 

Go to our website: https://www.futudent.com/services/software

Log in or create a Futudent account to access the download page.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Android.



It is also available in the App store (macOS) /Google Play Store (Android)
  • Search for “Futudent” in the App Store/Google Play Store
  • Click install and follow the prompts to complete the installation
  • Connect the camera to your mobile device with an active USB cable and OTG (on-the-go) adapter
  • Start the Futudent app and grant all required permissions (only required first time app is run)
  • Live feed from the camera should now be visible - if not visible, disconnect the camera and reconnect after a few seconds