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Use videos to provide unique highlights in your professional education material.

Using personal and authentic views and visual demonstrations in your work as a professional dental educator conveys your message in a modern and effective way. Futudent has developed a solution for making this possible little to no interruption to your dental work. Futudent's technology has been developed by dentists for dentists and is in use in thousands of dental practices and educational facilities all around the world.

This is Futudent video dentistry:

  1. Industry-leading camera hardware. All of Futudent's cameras have a modular design making it possible to mount them to any dental light, or set of loupes.  They are also pedal operated so you can record video and still photos completely hands-free.  Futudent offers  three different models of cameras, including the the eduCam - the original 1080p mini-camera, the microCam - the smallest fullHD camera today, and the proCam - the industry's first true 4K-capable camera.
  2. Effective and Easy-to-Use Recording Software. The recording software and capturing of still images is controlled with a foot pedal with bookmarks for editing purposes. You can also easily add text to the videos and images. All the recorded material is saved automatically for further use and integration into your presentations.
  3. Cloud Service for Sharing Dental Videos. Your dental videos are saved in a highly secure cloud server. They are accessible by password with any device, anytime, anywhere. You can also create personal groups for sharing videos, images, discussions and other files, e.g. with classes, event participants, for collegial consultations and other educational purposes.