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lecture on dental care

Illustrate exactly what you see to your audience.

As a professional educator and lecturer, visually presenting your cases exactly as they occurred is the best way to present and explain complicated treatments and techniques. Whether filming from your loupes or your operatory light the Futudent camera captures moments in your procedure as they occur, giving your audience an eagle-eye view of your procedure.  Authentic visual media will elevate your presentation making it both effective and unforgettable.


Enhance the impact of your lessons and lectures.

The traditional lecturing methods - slideshows and 3D-models - are easily forgotten before your audience leaves the class or professional event. It's always a challenge to capture your audience's interest and help them visualise situations as they occurred.

The truly effective way to deliver your message is a presentation including professional videos and magnified still images, shot personally by you. It allows you to show concretely what happened, and why your treatment, tool or technique was the needed.