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Multi-mount cameras

For any loupe and light


 Light Mount

Mounting a camera to the chair light is an easy and effective way to integrate camera technology into every operatory. The chairlight is an ideal location for capturing images. Videos and pictures can be taken easy by simply stepping on a pedal. This means no more interuption of the procedure to get high quality documentation of any procedure the moment it’s needed.


  • Stable footage
  • Always available
  • Can be used by anyone in the room


Loupe Mount

Loupe mounted filming provides the ultimate, unobstructed POV angle of the procedure. Aligning the camera with the loupes and LED headlight makes it easy to work without focusing on filming. Simply work as usual, and everything seen through the loupes is being filmed in perfect focus and detail.



  • Unobstructed point-of-view vantage
  • Always in focus with the loupes
  • No need to look at a screen to orient


Flexible Arm Mount

 Mounting the camera to the flexible arm provides a stable, close-up image for many applications like filming in labs, schools and training centers. Futudent offers a versatile arm mount accessory for the camera.




  • Stable footage
  • Close-up views
  • Changeable angles for filming