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Documentation & Materials

Incorporate video documentation in your daily work.

Futudent camera technology offers the ultimate way to document every moment of your work.  Now it is possible to record everything from a still picture to an entire procedure without any interruption.  Some clinics today are already recording every single patient treatment for purposes of quality control, and liability protection.  Being able to instantly recall any moment of any procedure has tremendous benefits for the general practitioner from enhancing teamwork by reviewing cases together to patient education and even making great cases for study clubs.

What is Futudent video dentistry?

  1. High-quality camera technology. Specialized cameras designed to help you capture the perfect footage with minimal interruption.  Versatile mounting options for your dental light or loupes, and available in different sizes and resolutions to suit your needs.  Read more >>
  2. Effective and Easy-to-Use Recording Software. Video recording and snap shots are controlled using a foot pedal leaving your hands free to work on your patient. Stop wasting time getting good images with an intraoral or digital camera.  The Futudent software makes it quick and easy to get the images you need with the tap of a pedal.  Read more >>
  3. Cloud Service for Sharing Dental Videos. Your videos can also be saved in highly secure Futudent cloud platform. They are accessible by password from any device, anytime, anywhere. You can also create personal groups for sharing videos, images, discussions and other files, e.g. with treatment teams, for professional consultations and educational purposes.  Read more >>