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A Powerful Tool for General Practitioners & Specialists Everywhere!

Video and hands-free photography enhances all aspects of documentation and communication in your practice

There are countless ways non-interruptive-imaging and video help you with your teamwork and patient communication.  Imagine being able to record and recall literally any moment of any procedure you've ever done.  What if you could show your patient exactly what you need them to see the moment you need them to see it to help explain your treatment?  What about reviewing cases with your entire team to enhance the way you work together?  These are just a few examples of how better imaging makes for better dentistry.  There are plenty more, including:

  • Improved communication with other specialists 
  • Saving up to 3 to 4 minutes per patient with faster, non-interruptive imaging.
  • Simplified documentation for insurance 
  • Skills improvement for yourself and your team members
  • Better explanations and visual information for your lab
  • Increased acceptance rates
  • Incredible cases for your study clubs
  • Live streaming cases to other locations for consultation
  • Comprehensive video exams for your patients
  • Great videos for marketing your practice
  • Efficient way to communicate with manufacturers of other tools and equipment you use for training and assistance.
  • And plenty more!
I use the camera routinely every day with every patient. The communication is just unbelievably improved because there is no question of what I see. The patient sees exactly the same from TV as my loupe-mounted camera is on, and that opens the dialogue. I love to utilise technology, especially when it makes life easier and the patients more aware of their problems.

Dr. Wayne Hollar Dentist