Dr. Malcolm Levinkind is a leading specialist in pediatric dentistry and a long time dental video user. He is located in London where he works at his two practices. Futudent interviewed him on his constant use of video in his daily work.

Dear Dr. Levinkind, thank you for your time. How often do you use loupe-mounted cameras in your work?

As a specialist pediatric dentist who works in two different dental practices and three hospitals, I am able to use my camera in all these places. In my main practice where I work, three days per week, I use it daily.

How are you set up with your video solution?

I have it set up on my laptop with an attached splitter output cable. This allows me to have two separate display monitors connected as well as the laptop screen to display the images captured with my Futudent camera.

My two assistants and anyone else in the surgery can see what I am doing. I have integrated lasers fully into my clinical practice and I have found the loupe-mounted camera particularly helpful when I am carrying out laser procedures on babies and young children.

Apart from the medico-legal advantages of keeping a good quality visual record of any clinical procedures, the Futudent camera and software allows me the opportunity to see exactly what I did. I use this information to teach other colleagues how to do the procedures and the images are very helpful when I follow up my cases.

As a pediatric dentist who also uses an operating microscope, I think that the children find the Futudent camera less intimidating than the presence of an operating microscope. It is also easier to move than the operating microscope should the child patient move out of the field of view.


You must have a tight schedule; how does using a loupe-mounted camera fit into this?

The set-up of the Futudent camera is very quick and simple. As I often work in more than one surgery in the same practice, it is portable and is easy to move between the surgeries.


Have You received comments from your colleagues about your videos?

When I have shown colleagues the clinical information that I have captured with the camera they have been very impressed.

Would You recommend loupe-mounted cameras for your colleagues and why?

I would definitely recommend Futudent to my colleagues and have already done so on several occasions. The camera is simple to set up, the software is quite intuitive to use and the results are great.

You've recently been selected as one of Futudent's new Ambassadors. How do You feel about the possibility of sharing Your knowledge and expertise with other dental professionals? What advantages do You see in it?

I am excited by the possibility of sharing my specialist knowledge and as they say: ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’. Very often when learning a new clinical technique, it is best to be able to see exactly what is involved and the Futudent camera offers this possibility with excellent video and still image quality.


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