I share my work hours equally as an oral surgeon in private practice, Oslo, Norway, and as a PhD-student at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo. I have been using the Futudent camera solution for video documentation since December 2014.

My Futudent camera is located in my private practice and I use it to document all kinds of surgical procedures in the outpatient setting. I use essential parts of the surgical videos when giving lectures in the dental community. This helps me to demonstrate how I work and how I choose to solve various cases. I have noticed that videos shot from the actual viewpoint of the surgeon make many topics more entertaining for the audience and easier to understand.

Besides from helping me to document all my surgical procedures, the Futudent camera solution facilitates patient specific dialogue. For instance, showing patients how to manage home care after implant surgery is much easier when one is able to show them live video “on the spot”.

In my opinion Futudent makes video documentation of surgical procedures easy. It's a great educational tool, both for patient education and for lecturing in the dental community.


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