I work as a dental hygienist in Espoo, Finland and have used the Futudent dental camera solution since the summer of 2013. Personal oral hygiene instruction forms the core of my work, and repetition of the advice I give is often needed.

I want to motivate my patients to take better care of themselves. Dental videos are very helpful in this task. My patients have been very satisfied with getting concrete and personal visual guidance in their individual challenges.

Futudent dental video camera has proved to be very useful, especially in showing my patients how they should care for their teeth at home: how they should use an electric toothbrush, floss and brush the gaps in their teeth, for example.

I use Futudent dental camera while working and show the patient how to do these things afterwards. This helps me make sure that my guidance is understood.

Take a look at the videos I have shared in the Futudent library


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