Dr Wayne Hollar


I am the founder and dentist at D. Wayne Hollar, Jr. DDS in Lenoir, North Carolina. We focus on providing safe, state-of-the-art dental care in a friendly environment. We also educate our patients and their families so that they have a comfortable understanding of their care and can actively participate in treatment decisions. 

I have used a loupe-mounted camera in my work for a long time, starting in 2007. In my opinion the Futudent solution is head and shoulders above the others in quality, and therefore I have used it routinely since 2014.


Patient education with live video

In my opinion Futudent is an excellent help especially in patient dialogue and education. I record everything that I’m doing, and we can look together with the patient and discuss what I have seen and what options we have for treatment.

The patient can ask questions, and I can in return give a clear visual understanding of what has been found and discussed during the hygiene check or treatment. This helps the patient to take a little bit of ownership of that problem.

Nice cooperation with pediatric patients

Sometimes the pediatric patients don’t know what to expect and they may hesitate. To earn their trust I show the camera and say: “Hey, we’ll put your teeth on Tooth TV. You know what this is?” - and soon the ice is broken. Video technology also helps the accompanying parents or grandparents to see what the problem is. We can also show in detail how to manage the dental care for their child at home.


Efficient cooperation within the dental team

I use Futudent every day, with every patient. When I work together with hygienist, she can immediately see from the screen what I see and document it accordingly. I can also share my findings with the whole dental care team, when needed. This makes our life easier and helps us provide continuously better dental care services.

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