Peter RusanengI work as a prosthodontist in Espoo, Finland and I have participated in the development of Futudent as well as used the system actively since 2010.

In my opinion, the system’s greatest benefit is how it facilitates understanding. Authentic video and pictures tell us more than any number of words can. In prosthodontics, it is common that the treatments are complex. In addition there are different treatment options from which the patient has to choose the right one based on the information the dentist managed to get across to the patient.

The selection of a certain treatment is always a balancing act between the costs and the prognosis of the treatment. In most cases there are many compromises that the patient has to be aware of and the patient has to have a clear understanding of the expected outcome of the selected treatment. The challenge is that the patient has to make the decision in a short time period.

My work is divided between two roles

I work as a dentist and teach at the University of Helsinki. Futudent has proved to be an excellent communication aid with everyone I work with: students, patients and colleagues.

When I practice dentistry I use Futudent mostly for documentation purposes and to explain to the patient where treatment is needed. I also use previously recorded videos to explain the steps of the procedure and the expected outcome of the selected treatment option. After the treatment I routinely record a short video where I demonstrate how to floss or brush the teeth properly and share the video with the patient.

At the university I mostly use Futudent to show the students how I work in the mouth from my own point of view. The benefit is that it is possible for several students to follow my work at once. In addition I use the recorded videos as teaching material.

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