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Futudent testimonials

Futudent solutions offer practical and high quality documentation tools for wide range of use cases. For a long time video has been considered as a tool for professional lecturers key opinion leaders only. But today Futudent tools for video and photo-shooting offer clear benefits, safety, time savings and increased turnover in daily dentistry for general practitioners, hygienists, specialists and technicians.

Futudent solution is easy to use without interrupting any ongoing procedures or treatments. Share your care with Futudent solutions.


Please find below comments from some of happy Futudent users.




Tiina works as a dental hygienist in Espoo, Finland and has used the Futudent system since the summer of 2013.

She strives to provide excellent and personal oral hygiene instruction to her patients.

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Tiina Niemi-Korpi Dental Hygienist


Dr. Wayne Hollar is an experienced dentist from North Carolina and has used a loupe-mounted camera in his work for a long time. He has used only Futudent since 2014. 

He focuses on providing safe, state-of-the-art dental care in a friendly environment. 

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Wayne Hollar Dentist Dr.


Dr. Malcolm Levinkind is a leading specialist in pediatric dentistry and a long time dental video user. 


Futudent interviewed him on his constant use of video in his daily work.

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Malcolm Levinkind Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Hauk Øyri has two professional roles: both as a private oral surgeon in Oslo, Norway and as a PhD-student at the University of Oslo.

He uses Futudent in his private practice and recommends it especially for patient education and for lecturing in the dental community.

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Hauk Øyri Oral Surgeon and Dental Lecturer


Peter works as a prosthodontist in Espoo, Finland and has participated in the development of Futudent as well as used the system actively since 2010.

He also teaches dental students at the University of Helsinki.

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Peter Rusanen Prosthodontist and Dental Lecturer