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SOLUTIONS TO ENHANCE YOUR PRACTICE Video makes better dentistry

How can video help you ?

Always easy and effortless to use!
Futudent non-interruptive cameras are designed for taking great still photos and videos. There are dozens of applications for video in today’s dental office. Futudent makes it easy to take video into daily use with every patient. This offers tremendous benefits from increased
efficiency in documentation, to happier and more accepting patients. Video is also a powerful communication tool for collaboration within the treatment team. Video offers an exciting and effective new way for doctors to document and communicate their work with colleagues and patients alike.

Patient Work

  • Video treatment plans
  • Hygiene instructions
  • Home care guides
  • Post-operative care
  • Live examination
  • Patient education
  • Record documentation

Professional Work

  • Case documentation
  • Remote consultation
  • Team collaboration
  • Teledentistry
  • Quality assurance
  • Skills training
  • Insurance documentation

The ultimate tool for enhanced communication and documentation with every patient.

Imaging made easy.
Patient Education

Patient Education

Stop Explaining. Showing is Better than Telling. Video instruction is the most complete and compelling way to help your patients understand your message.
Professional Education

Professional Education

Capture your procedural work in it's entirety with no interruptions, and no extra hands needed for filming.  Be ready to film any case any time in incredible quality. 


Simplify the Process of Saving and Sharing Your Dental Treatment Details. You can store, share, edit and review ongoing & past procedures any time, anywhere.

Dental Hygienists

For dental hygienists there are many benefits of using videos in their every day patient communication. Help patients learn the best ways to improve their oral health with personal video instruction.

General Dentistry

Video is not just for lecturers.  General dentists get tremendous benefits from using video to communicate and document better than ever before.


Video is the best tool for enhancing learning and improving the dental education experience.  Top schools around the world have already integrated video learning into their programs and teaching methodologies.

Healthcare Professionals

The Futudent solution is also actively used by healthcare professionals outside the dental field.  Video documentation offers the same benefits for medical doctors, nurses and even veterinarians.

Laboratories / Technicians

Improve the daily communication with your clients, using the power of video and still images.

MyDentalbook service

MyDentalbook offers a new and exciting way for you to share your instructions and treatment plans home with every patient to help them make decisions and improve their own oral health.
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