With the Extended Warranty service, it is easy to prolong the warranty coverage by 2 or 3 years, after the standard warranty period. This enables full operational safety for Futudent cameras for a total of 4 or 5 years.


Terms and Conditions:

The Extended Warranty service is available for all new Futudent cameras and for all previously purchased functional Futudent 4K and Full HD cameras, even if the standard warranty has expired.

Extended Warranty period starts when the Limited Warranty ends. If purchased after the Limited Warranty has expired, the start date will be the date of the purchase of the Extended Warranty service.

All other terms and conditions remain valid as indicated in the Standard Limited Warranty in the Instructions for Use.


Extended warranty covers:

  • All defects in materials and workmanship of the camera registered under Extended Warranty by its serial number
  • Option for repair or swap-replacement of the camera
  • Freight costs

Extended warranty excludes:

  • Accessory repairs/replacements
  • Any repairs due to improper or unreasonable use of the camera (example: cleaning of the camera sensor is not covered)
  • Eventual import taxes, customs duties, local fees, and document legalizations.

How to activate the Extended Warranty service

The Extended Warranty may be purchased locally from Futudent distributors or directly from Futudent webshop.

  • 2-year-Extended warranty:         390€    (0% vat.)
  • 3-year-Extended warranty:         590€     (0% vat.)

After the payment, Futudent will register and activate the selected Extended Warranty period. It is mandatory to carefully complete the enclosed Registration form. The warranty period is activated after the completion of the payment and registration process. For further details or advice please consult the Futudent sales team (sales@futudent.com). 

Registration form can be downloaded by clicking. 


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