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Camera collection

Enhance your practice with Futudent Cameras



The original all-purpose dental video camera. Full HD quality at an affordable price for everyone

Key Features

  • Affordable multi-purpose camera
  • Mounts to any loupe or light
  • Up to 2.5 x digital zoom
  • 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 3.4 mpx photos



The world’s first miniature 4K dental video camera. Superior quality for professionals.                 

Key Features

  • 4K dental miniature camera
  • Mounts to any loupe or light
  • Up to 4 x digital zoom
  • 4k / 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 13 mpx photos


microCam - Aug 2018

Super light-weight full HD dental camera. Designed for loupe-mounting and maximum comfort.

Key Features

  • Smallest and lightest full HD camera
  • Weighs just 12 grams
  • Professional Sony IMX sensor
  • 1080p / 720p resolutions
  • Up to 2 mpx photos

See how to compare?
Details proCam eduCam microCam
Resolution / Video  4K UDH, 30 fps  1080p, 30fps  1080p, 30fps
Resolution / Still picture  8 / 13 mpix 2 / 3.4 mpix   2 mpix
Size (with lens)  34 x 28 x 23 cm 32 x 28 x 23 mm  24 x 20 x 23 mm 
Weight (body only)  23 grams 23 grams  12 grams 
Built-in zoom  3x 2.5x  n/a 
Strength  UHD video, high resolution, documentation Good overall perfonamce, affordability  Miniature loupe mount POV, Sony IMX sensor 
Connection  USB2 USB2  USB2 
Lens Options 16mm, 25mm UHD,  Wide angle 12 mm and 8 mm  16mm, 25mm UHD,  Wide angle 12 mm and 8 mm   16mm, 25mm UHD,  Wide angle 12 mm and 8 mm 
 Software compatibility  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS  Windows OS, macOS, Android OS

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Transform your practice with Futudent Services
Cloud BIG

Futudent Cloud Service

Futudent cloud services makes it fast and secure to share videos to colleagues and patients. Highly encrypted cloud platform makes storing and sharing easy and secure.


MyDentalbook patient service

A unique service that allows doctors to create personalised video instruction and treatment plans and send it directly home with their patients for review and feedback.



Futudent Recording Software


Futudent software makes it easy to store and share your content to anyone.

Futudent products available now online!

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Get additional or custom accessories for your camera
25mm lens

Lens 25mm

UltraHD 5MP zoom lens for added magnification up to 4x.  Ideal for light-mounting and high-magnification loupes.










Futudent light

LED headlight with excellent CRI, well-suited to digital filming.
-Battery life: Full intensity about 9h, with 50% intensity about 13h
-Charging time/full charge: 10h
-max output: 32000LUX
-Color temperature: ~6500K
-Light spot size: 7cm diameter from 25cm distance
Weight: 6g / 0,2lbs






USB pedal

USB foot control for camera operation.  Tap pedal to take still shots and make a longer press to start and stop video recording. Convenient for hand-free operation.








accessories box

Dental Light Attachment Kit

Special retrofit kit to enable affixing any Futudent camera to any chair or ceiling mounted light.  Kit includes:
-Ball joint camera mount
-Adhesive sleeve for affixing camera to the light head
-5meter USB camera cable
-5m extension cable for camera
-USB control pedal
-5m extension for pedal
-Adhesive cable clips for running the cables neatly between the light and operators computer.

Flexible camera mount

Flexible camera mount

80 cm Flexible gooseneck mount for camera.  Includes C-clamp adapter for attaching to counters, chairs or other fixtures. Ideal for hands-on learning and stable close-up filming.




USB extension  cable 5m

USB extension cable 5m

Active USB extension cable prevents signal-loss over longer distances.







Futudent Headband

Headband with flexible arm for camera mounting.  Suitable for academic applications or POV filming by multiple users.  Best used in conjunction with FutuLight, or other LED light product to ensure accurate aim.



loupe specific attachment set

Loupe-specific attachment

Futudent has a large library of custom adapters for most major loupes on the market including Designs for Vision, Orascoptic, SurgiTel, Heine, Zeiss, Q-Optics, Perioptix, Keeler and many others.  Each Futudent camera comes with one custom adapter, and more can be ordered separately.

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