What you'll learn

  • How to install the proCam Recorder
  • How to run 4K live view
  • How to make 4K recording

The proCam recorder is a temporary application for recording 4K videos with the proCam camera. The proCam recorder is utilizing a new recording technology which is need for 4K quality videos. Futudent is currently integrating this new technology into the Futudent Recording Software. After integration is finished 4K recordings can be done normally with the Futudent Recording Sofware.

Hardware requirements: Windows 10 computer, Intel i5 / i7 7th generation processor with at least 6000 points in CPU benchmark, please check your processor benchmark or contact Futudent support for assistance.

Known limitations: foot pedal will not work with the proCam recorder.


1. Download the latest version of the proCam recorder software and save it e.g. to Desktop Download the proCam Recorder
2.  Extract the zip file  
3. Open proCam recorder folder
4. Open proCam recorder application  

Live view

1. Go to Capture menu and select Choose Device

2. Select proCam and click Ok
3. See the live view


In order to see all the details in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) you need to have a 4K capable screen. Please note that your computer e.g. a laptop might have only full-HD screen but you can connect your computer to an external 4K screen. This is called as a multi-screen setup.

Please follow these instructions for multi-screen setup: https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/different-resolutions-for-multiple-monitors-in-windows-10/


1. Recording can be started after seeing live view. Go to Capture menu and select Start recording
2. Select location and name for the recording and click Save
3. Recording starts immediately and you can see Recording text in the bottom of the screen.
4. When you want to stop recording go to Capture menu and select Stop recording. Recording stops immediately and mp4 file can be found in the location you selected in the step 2.


Additional information

Please note 1 hour of 4K recording needs 12 GB of space.


  • Please contact our Support if you have any further questions