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FAQ - Camera not detected

Note: Please make sure your camera cable is firmly attached to your camera and PC, the following steps will only work if the cables are functioning normally and your camera driver installed properly.


FAQ - Sharing related

How can I share the video with colleague(s)?

You can share the videos to any colleague that have Internet connection. Your colleague just needs to create a free Futudent account (the invitation can be send via e-mail).


FAQ - Video related

How to start recording?

You can control the whole recording process with the foot pedal; start, stop and pause.
During recording you can create high quality images from your operation that are saved separately to be accessible easily for power point presentation etc.


FAQ - Hardware related

What are the PC requirements?

See Futudent recording software for hardware requirements.

Cable is too short?

When you move, you can put the cable into your pocket and it does not disturb you. To cover the distance between computer and your chair, please use an extension cable. Please use an active USB cable.