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Calibrate the camera

Step 1: Open the Futudent software.

Once you’ve turned on your camera, click on the Futudent software icon on your desktop. When the software opens, you will see a live image at the center of your screen.


Attach the camera

In the second part of our tutorial series, we’re looking at how to attach the Futudent camera. When placing your Futudent order, we ask for the brand of loupes and light you are using in order to send you a compatible mounting attachment. Our camera package also contains a universal mounting clip that fits on most frame models. If you’re using a customized frame or are unsure of the compatibility, our customer service is happy to help you.


Installing your software and cables

Step 1: Create a Futudent account.

Visit Futudent.com and create an account by following the prompts. If you already have an account, sign in.


OSX Installation

  1. Download the Futudent recording software for Mac
  2. Update System preferences to allow installation for downloaded software
    1. Open System preferences
    2. Go to Security and privacy
    3. Change Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere 

How to change camera settings

What you'll learn

  • How to access camera settings
  • How to change most common settings
  • How to access advanced settings