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FAQ - Sharing related

How can I share the video with colleague(s)?

You can share the videos to any colleague that have Internet connection. Your colleague just needs to create a free Futudent account (the invitation can be send via e-mail).

How do I invite someone to join?

You can send an invite letter to your colleague from your personal Futudent account. In the invite letter you can include any material you have already uploaded to your Futudent account.

How to receive a video from my colleague?

Just create your personal account in Futudent.com and ask him/her to share that video with you. It’s just that simple to start communicating.

Can I project the video image live to a projector?

Yes. You can connect the capturing computer to an external display, and run the capture software in full screen mode.

Can several users use the same camera?

Yes. For patient security reasons, we recommend every user to sign up with a personal Futudent account. Each user should log in to the recording software with personal user account in order to ensure that the videos are stored on their personal accounts. In some countries, we recommend each user to set up a personal windows account to ensure privacy. Please check with you local authorities to ensure you meet your patient security obligations.

Do I need a permission to film a patient?

This is very dependent on your countries regulations. In some countries permission is needed (sometimes it is enough with a agreement that is captured on the video). If the patient is not recognizable in any way from the video, less strict regulations might apply. We do recommend that the patient use a mask or dark glasses for minimizing the recognition. It is up to the user to ensure each video complies with local regulations, and Futudent does not take any responsibility for how videos meet local regulations.

Can I delete uploaded videos?

Yes. You have the full control on your videos. There is no obligation to share any video.

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