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FAQ - Hardware related

What are the PC requirements?

See Futudent recording software for hardware requirements.

Cable is too short?

When you move, you can put the cable into your pocket and it does not disturb you. To cover the distance between computer and your chair, please use an extension cable. Please use an active USB cable.

Is there a wireless solution for Futudent dental camera?

Futudent has to be connected to a power source and a facility to transfer the video signal. Therefore a connection to a computer is required. However, it is possible to connect Futudent to Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1, which you can put on your trousers and sends videos wireless with a battery capacity of about 2 hours.

How can I connect Futudent to my loupes and the light?

Futudent has connector to almost all loupes and lights. Please ask at info@futudent.com or call us at +358 50 388 0008

Where do I connect Futudent, if I do not wear loupes?

You can connect Futudent dental camera to a headband, which you can order together with your Futudent system.

Does the Futudent recording software work on Apple computers?

Futudent recording software is available for Apple computers. See requirements and installation instructions.

How to set up everything for recording?

Plug your dental camera and pedal wireless receiver to your computers USB ports. Then start the Futudent software. See setup tutorial.

How do I sync videos between computers?

No synchronization is needed. Once you have uploaded (1–click) your video, its accessible anywhere.

How secure is the cloud service?

Futudent account is secured with a bank level security.

How is the software installed?

Easy of use has been our main driver. The installation and setup of the system requires no special skills. Just download the latest software, run the installation software and connect the camera to the USB port of your PC.

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