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Create professional presentations with effective videos showing exactly what you see when you work.

A personal video showing what you see and do tells your audience more than any number of words. You can utilize dental videos in versatile ways to inspire and educate your students and other audiences:

  1. Shoot it as you work while preparing material for educational presentations. You are able to film authentic videos and take still images with no need for elaborated set ups. 

  2. Show it where ever needed - at lessons, demonstrations and conferences. You can show and explain why, how and what you have shot, and utilize easily also previously recorded material available through protected cloud service.

  3. Share it with your audiences - online, offline, or integrated into your digital presentation material. Your opportunities to share valuable, personally created information is practically unlimited. 


Enhance the quality and value of your professional presentations.

You can focus on being the educator, not a professional videographer. Using your own dental videos significantly improves the way in which you can demonstrate challenges, examinations, treatments and solutions from a dentist's actual viewpoint. With your own immaterial rights, of course.


Modernize your professional education practices:

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1 - Show It to Your Audience. Exactly Like You See It.

2 - Shoot It Anytime. Great Content Made All by Yourself.

3 - Share It as a Part of Your Professional Presentation.



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Encouraging dental treatment acceptance through videos:

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