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When Professional Education is Your Priority

University of Helsinki dental education research

This is an authentic film from the research project of University of Helsinki, where the use of loupe mounted video cameras was tested. The conclusion showed clearly that the students who got the feedback based on their personal videos (process based), did a much better result in the second preparation than the students who got their feedback the traditional way (result based).

Posted by Futudent on Thursday, September 25, 2014


Futudent makes video documentation of surgical procedures easy. It's a great educational tool, both for patient education and for lecturing in the dental community.

Dr. Hauk Øyri Oral surgeon, Oslo, Norway


Secure the impact of your lessons and lectures. Authentic visual examples and personal approach provide an excellent basis for effective, unforgettable presentations.

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A personal video showing what you see and do tells your audience more than any number of words. You can focus on being the educator, not a professional videographer. 

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Utilizing personal and authentic views and visual demonstrations into your work in professional dental education conveys your message in a modern and effective way..

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Inspiring Professional Dental Education PDF provides a brief introduction on how versatile use of authentic dental videos involves audiences and conveys the message most effectively.  Enter the future of dental education now!

Personal Education Changes Dentistry PDF provides a brief introduction on how dental patients' oral health can be improved via video dentistry. Enter the future of dental service today!

Video cameras help dental undergraduates to learn more efficiently than traditional methods. Find out how and download the research study carried out by Helsinki University.