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Enter the future of dental patient education.

A personal dental video tells your patient more than any number of words. You can use dental videos in versatile ways to motivate and educate your patients:

  1. See it together during the examination. You are able to communicate the situation in concrete terms, and involve your patient to the treatment decisions.
  2. Show it afterwards at your practice. You can show and explain why and what has been done, and revert to the previously recorded material whenever needed.
  3. Send it home to your patient. Your guidance is at your patient's use through mobile device in his bathroom, whenever needed. 

Enable continuity for your dental care service.

Furthermore to hands on education, personal dental videos help you, your team and the patient himself to follow the past examinations, treatments and guidances. A personal dental video library can be shared between the treatment team and/or the patient, making continuing care easier.


Improve your patient education and caring practices:

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Encouraging dental treatment acceptance through videos:

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