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The future of dental patient education is here now.

A personal dental video tells your patient more than just words. As a dental professional, you are often in the difficult position of recommending an expensive treatment to your patient when they are not always in the best frame of mind to make a good decision.  Very often there are also a variety of options ranging from cheap and short-term to expensive, but long-lasting.  And even though you are selling a service, you always want to guide your patient to making the best decision for his or her situation without placing undue pressure.  The best way to sell dentistry without selling yourself is to educate your patient.  And the more comprehensive and personalised the education, the more the patient can understand and trust the treatment suggestion.  We know that improved understanding leads to increased case acceptance and happier patients overall.  So start helping your patients by using video to consult, explain and ultimately send your advice home with them where they usually make their final decision after discussing with family and checking the family budget.

  1. See it together during the examination with live preview on your overhead screen. You can demonstrate the issue clearly and easily with your mirror and explorer while you explain your findings to your patient.
  2. Show it afterwards when the patient sits up and can discuss with you properly. Video replay makes it easy to review the situation and discuss the options.
  3. Send it home to your patient. Patients are not always ready to make a decision on the spot - especially if the treatment is expensive or unexpected.  Make a short illustrative video that shows the problem, and includes a verbal explanation to help them further explain the need to the other people involved in their decision.