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Show that you care for your patients' dental health.

Motivating and educating dental patients to care for their teeth is a common challenge for dentists and hygienists. Every mouth is different, so personal education is needed. This is very important, especially with patients with health problems and after various dental operations.


Provide concrete and personal guidance at home.

The traditional education methods - leaflets and 3D-models - are easily forgotten before your patient is at home. Furthermore, they do not convey your personal guidance. Verbal explanation during and after the examination or treatment is also soon forgotten.

The most effective way to bring your advice home to your patient every time he needs it, is a personal patient education video. It allows you to show concretely how to clean and/or care for the teeth in individual cases - with so many repetitions your patient needs. 


Educate your patients with personal education video:

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Encouraging dental treatment acceptance through videos:

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