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Benefit from a modern & patient specific digital filing system.

Authentic visual documentation does not lie. When you can show all parties involved exactly what you have found out during an examination or how you have done your work, all communication remains on sound basis. Digital recording of your daily work provides huge opportunities. You can store, share, edit and review ongoing and past procedures any time, anywhere.


Use continuous documentation in multiple ways

You can for an example document patient specific ongoing developments with videos or still images and then use this information for enhanced patient education and dialogue. You can consult your colleagues in concrete terms and without time limits. You can provide necessary details for insurance companies, educate your treatment team - or yourself - and much more.


Document your work with Video Dentistry:

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1 - Simplify the Procedures of Saving and Sharing Your Dental Treatment Details.

2 - Record and Store Everything While You Work - with Loupe-Mounted Camera.

3 - The Ideal Solution for Documenting and Utilizing Your Work in Detail.




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Encouraging dental treatment acceptance through videos:

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