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When Improved Documentation is Your Priority

Video dentistry for everyone

Futudent brings video dentistry for everyone.

Posted by Futudent on Sunday, November 30, 2014


I learn more probably when I stop and edit my videotapes, because all of a sudden I say, hmmm over there, there's a shadow I should have explored. The other thing that's valuable is to be able to send the link, and get the surgeon, or the endodontist, or my periodontist colleague to see what I'm seeing.

Simon Rosenberg


Visual documentation of the daily work provides huge opportunities for dentists. You can store, share and review ongoing and past procedures for your patients', treatment team's and your own benefit.

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The beauty of Video Dentistry lies in simplicity: you can work undisturbed but get everything documented in digital format. And when needed you can show or share your work and findings even real-time. 

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Using Futudent for your video dentistry solves your documentation challenges and provides many other advantages for improving your dental service. Designed by dentists for dentists: Camera. Software. Cloud. 

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Introduction on how the daily dental work is documented, stored, shared and utilized with modern video dentistry - enabling new and more efficient dental services.

Enhancing Communication with Dental Patients PDF provides a brief introduction on how to benefit from video dentistry in everyday dialogue with dental patients. Enter the future of dental service today!

Personal Education Changes Dentistry PDF provides a brief introduction on how dental patients' oral health can be improved via video dentistry. Enter the future of dental service today!

Personal patient education increases patient satisfaction PDF provides a brief introduction on how to provide personal education on oral health via video dentistry. Enter the future of dental service today!