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    What you'll learn

    • How to access camera settings
    • How to control Futudent EduCam
    • How to access advanced settings

    How to access camera settings

    Click the "Settings" button on the bottom right corner of the main screen.


    Select camera

    In case live view from the camera is not immediately seen please select EduCam in the Select camera drop-down menu. You might need to click the Refresh button after selecting the camera model.

    Select microphone

    You can select the microphone you want use for recording sound. You can also conveniently mute the microphone if you don't want to record sound.

    How to control Futudent EduCam


    The Futudent EduCam supports two resolutions: full-HD (1080P) and HD (720P). The full-HD resolution gives the best image quality for videos and photos. It consumes roughly 3GB per hour to record a full-HD video. The HD resolution is designed for older computers and for a more compact file size. The HD setting consumes roughly 1.5 GB/h to record a HD quality video.


    You can use the digital zoom with the Futudent EduCam through the camera settings. When the zoom is at level 100 it means no digital zoom is used. It's not recommended from an image quality perspective to use a bigger zoom factor than 300 which equals to 3X digital zooming.

    1.5x_zooming.png 2x_zooming.png 
     1.5X zooming  2X zooming

     Tip: You can adjust zoom during a live view and recording with your keyboard by using up and down arrow keys. This way you can e.g. take close up pictures and pinpoint a crack in a tooth.

    White balance

    In case the automatic white balancing doesn't work in your operatory room then you can manually adjust it to meet your requirements. To do this, you need to turn the Auto mode off after which you can use the slider to adjust the white balance. 

    Tip: You can adjust white balance with your keyboard if you first turn the auto mode off and click the bar. Then you can use left and right arrows in the keyboard to adjust white balance.

    How to access advanced settings

    You can access advanced settings through the camera settings window or you can access camera controls by right clicking on the screen. Then you need to select Camera properties. 

    settings_window_advanced.png Open camera settings.png
    Access to Advanced settings through the camera settings  Access to Advanced settings with right click 

    When you have opened the Camera properties you will see all available settings. With these settings you can control the camera and see changes reflected in the image on real time.

    Educam video settings.png 


     Common questions

    • If you need any help adjusting camera settings for your operatory room, please contact our support team and we can help you with a remote connection. You can also send a request through the Report issue button inside the recording application and we will contact you.