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February 2017

Futudent recording software for Windows

  • New feature: Digital zoom
    • Digital zoom in the Futudent EduCam camera can be used through camera settings or using keyboard up and down arrows
  • New feature: 720P Resolution
    • 720P resolution can be selected in the camera setting for the Futudent EduCam for smaller file size and better performance on older computers
  • New Feature: White balance
    • Adjust white balance manually and turn automatic white balance on for the Futudent EduCam
  • New feature: Brightness
    • Adjust brightness for the Futudent EduCam camera
  • New feature:  Camera settings
    • Select which camera is in use
    • Select which microphone is in use or mute microphone
    • Access camera specific advanced settings
    • Send support requests
  • New feature: Send support request
    • Send support requests directly from the recording application
  • How-to tutorial: How to control Futudent EduCam camera
    • See instructions for the details how to use the new Futudent EduCam settings

December 2016

Futudent cloud

  • Major look & feel update
    • Improved dashboard and activity feed
    • Improved Futudent Community usability
    • Improved usability on mobile devices
    • Improved and simplified terminology

November 2016

Futudent recording software for Windows

  • New feature: Futudent EduCam support
  • New feature: Hardware accelerated recording
    • Utilizes Intel QuickSync technology for recording when available
    • Shows "Accelerated" text on left down corner when activated
  • New feature: Hardware accelerated preview
    • Utilizes hardware acceleration for preview
    • Decreases lag when viewing live view and recording
  • Usability improvements for simplifying documentation management and sharing
    • Video list is renamed to Gallery
    • Picture list renamed to Photos
    • Mydentalbook sharing renamed to Share to patient
    • Share with email renamed to Share to colleague
  • Known issues
    • Playback of hours long videos doesn't always work
    • Full-HD recording has significantly higher hardware requirements than HD recording
      • If hardware requirements are not met the recording has lost data and looks like fast playback


May 2016

Futudent recording software for Mac

With the Futudent recording software for Mac you can perform the same functions as with the original version:
  • Record videos and add bookmarks to your videos
  • Take 5 MPix still images
  • Share videos and pictures securely with your colleague or patients
  • Upload videos to your private Futudent cloud account
  • Export videos and still pictures for further editing

For additional information, please read our blog post or see installation instructions.

Futudent cloud (https://user.futudent.com)


  • New feature: Feedback
    • Your patient can send you feedback how easy it was to understand the material you have shared, how helpful it was and how likely she would recommend you to others. Feedback is collected automatically when patient views the shared case in MyDentalbook. You'll get email notification when your patient has sent you feedback.
    • You'll see how many times your patient has viewed your shared case in MyDentalbook
  • New feature: Recommendation
    • Patient can write recommendation for your practice
    • You can read recommendations in new section called Practice
  • New feature: Contact practice with one click
    • You can edit your MyDentalbook profile and add your practice contact details (email, phone number and web page address)
    • Patient can contact your practice with one click
  • New feature: Download Futudent recording software for Mac
    • Download page includes also technical requirements and installations instructions for the Futudent recording software
  • New feature: New look and feel
    • Added important tools and resources to dashboard
    • Improved and made look and feel consistent with desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • New section called Practice where you can edit your practice information and see recommendations written by your patients through MyDentalbook
  • Added: Practice profile picture
    • You can improve your practice profile in MyDentalbook with picture or logo of your practice
  • Added: Error message if video conversion is ongoing or has any errors
  • Fixed: Opening linked case e.g. from practice management system didn't redirect user to login page
  • Fixed: Attachments and pictures in a case couldn't be opened

MyDentalbook (www.mydentalbook.com)

  • New feature: Feedback
    • Feedback is automatically collected from patients for each shared case
  • New feature: Recommendation
    • Patient can write recommendation for your practice
  • New feature: Contact practice with one click
    • Patient can contact your practice by phone, email or access your web page with one click
  • New feature: Media player
    • Patient can easily see your videos, pictures and attachments in user friendly media player


April 2016

Futudent cloud (https://user.futudent.com)

  • Fixed: Video player not working with iOS devices on Futudent library, My Videos and My cases
  • Fixed: Uploading videos directly to Futudent cloud

March 2016

Futudent recording software 3.1

  • Added: New update notification dialog which is shown only during  the application start
  • Added: New login window which is shown during the application start
  • Added: Confirmation dialog when removing recording
  • Fixed:  50/60hz setting was lost between recordings
  • Fixed: 2X magnification setting was lost between recordings
  • Fixed: Magnification level is not possible to change during recording because previously recorded video will be lost.
  • Fixed: Spelling mistakes

Futudent cloud (https://user.futudent.com)

  • Fixed: Snapshots in a case weren't working as bookmarks on the video
  • Fixed: Upload video function crashed
  • Fixed: Sharing with email was showing Futudent as the email sender
  • Fixed: Profile pictures in case comments weren't shown and didn't work as link to profile
  • Multiple smaller user experience improvements and fixes

MyDentalbook (www.mydentalbook.com)

  • Fixed: Videos don't always play on IOS devices
  • Fixed: Downloading of all attachments
  • Multiple smaller user experience improvements


February 2016

Futudent cloud (https://user.futudent.com)

  • Home (dashboard)
    • Added: Shows how many patients you have using www.mydentalbook.com service
    • Added: Futudent recording software can be downloaded directly from Dashboard
    • Fixed: Dashboard layout is changed to highlight the latest activity either with ongoing Cases or activity on Futudent community
    • Fixed: Dashboard is default action when you click Home or Futudent logo
  • New feature: MyDentalbook profile
    • Added: See your MyDentalbook profile like your patient sees it
  • Account information
    • Added: new section for your practice information in your public profile
    • Added: new service plans to customer information
  • New feature: Feedback
    • User can report any issues or enhancement ideas after login

MyDentalbook (www.mydentalbook.com

  • www.mydentalbook.com service launched
  • New feature: Account creation
    • User receives invitation to email
    • User needs to full-fill account information before using the service
  • New feature: View shared case
    • User receives email notification of shared case
    • User can view video or picture and attachment which is sent with Futudent recording software
  • New feature: Edit profile information
    • User can update profile information and password
  • New feature: View dentist information
    • User can see dentist practice information like address, contact information and practice description
  • New feature: Reset password
    • User can order new password in case old password is forgotten
  • New feature: Feedback
    • User can report any issues or enhancement ideas after login

Futudent recording software 3.0

  • New feature: Share with MyDentalbook
    • Patient education material (video or photo and additional document) can be shared to patient via MyDentalbook
    • Patient gets invitation to join to MyDentalbook in order to see the shared patient education material
    • Patient gets notification to see the case in MyDentalbook
    • Case is automatically created and uploaded to user Futudent cloud account
    • User can add and update default message for sharing
  • Fixed: When video is uploaded the link to the case is immediately available and can be added to patient management system. No need to restart the recording software anymore.
  • Fixed: Recording software uses .Net version 4.5 and it needs to be installed. See instructions for .Net installation. Recording software can't be used with Windows XP anymore.