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‘I learn more probably when I stop and edit my videotapes, because all of a sudden I say, hmmm over there, there's a shadow I should have explored. The other thing that's valuable is to be able to send the link, and get the surgeon, or the endodontist, or my periodontist colleague to see what I'm seeing.’

Simon Rosenberg

‘I use the camera routinely every day with every patient. The communication is just unbelievably improved because there is no question of what I see. The patient sees exactly the same from TV as my loupe-mounted camera is on, and that opens the dialogue. I love to utilise technology, especially when it makes life easier and the patients more aware of their problems.’

Dr. Wayne Hollar

‘Futudent makes video documentation of surgical procedures easy. It's a great educational tool, both for patient education and for lecturing in the dental community.’

Dr. Hauk Øyri

Oral surgeon, Oslo, Norway


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Talk to our experts