Futudent Dealer Day

15-16 September 2022, Helsinki, Finland

Location: Pasilanraitio 5, 00240 Helsinki, FINLAND

Panhellenic Dental Congress

6th - 8th Octorber, Athens, Gress

The Elemental team will be present at the 40th Panhellenic Dental Congress in Athens, Greece.
Futudent partner participate: Apostolides Dental Supplies
Futudent contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com

IDEM Singapore

7th - 9th October 2022 Singapore

International exhibition of dental, medical and laboratory equipment and instruments, pharmaceutical and other equipment and medical services. The Accompanying Programme features up-to-date scientific and expert issues in different fields of medicine, laboratory diagnostics and dentistry.

Futudent / Novocam participate: Sari Kanerva, Lars Kåhre

To meet us at IDEM, please send an email to info@futudent.com 

Prague Dental Days

14th -15th October 2022, Prague, Czechia

Futudent partner participate: Prodenta s.r.o.
Futudent contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com

1st Style Italiano Endodontics

15th -16th October 2022 Thessaloniki, Greece

Currently the biggest group of dentists in the world of social media, always offering an abundance of theoretical and practical knowledge regarding endodontics. Greece takes its turn this time and the beautiful city of Thessaloniki hosts the endodontic event of the year. 29 lecturers from around the world, comprising of gold and silver members of SIE, universities Professors and top notch clinicians, are going to share their knowledge and clinical expertise in a two-day endodontic mega event to which you are all invited. https://rtx2022.com/ 

Futudent partner participate: Apostolides Dental Supplies
Futudent contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com 

Dental Expo Amsterdam

26th - 27th October 2022 Amsterdam Netherland

The trade for total dental care. More information is available at http://www.dentalexpo.nl/ 

Futudent partner participate: Arseus Dental Nederland B.V. 
Futudent contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com 


3rd - 5th November 2022, Bergen, Norway

The Nordental is one of the most important exhibitions and marketplaces for the dental profession in Norway. It will include all kinds of products, equipment and material to the dental office. Among visitors are professionals from both private and public dental healthcare like dentists, dental technicians and dental nurses. Nordental is an important and integrated part of the Norwegian Dental Associations National Convention. The convention includes a wide seminar program with various lecturers that present the latest news from research and development.


Futudent visitor: Sari Kanerva,  Contact: info@futudent.com 


10th -12th November 2022, Helsinki Finland

Hammaslääkäripäivät on hammaslääketieteen suurin kongressi- ja näyttelytapahtuma Suomessa, joka järjestetään vuonna 2022 jo 83. kerran. Koulutusohjelmasta vastaa Suomen Hammaslääkäriseura Apollonia ja näyttelyn järjestää Suomen Messut.


Futudent / Novocam participate: Sari Kanerva 

Contact:  info@futudent.com 

ID Infotage (Fachdental)

11th -12th November 2022, Frankfurt, Germany

Even info is available at https://www.infotage-dental.de/ 

Futudent  participate: Sari Kanerva 

Contact:  info@futudent.com 


14 the -17th November 2022 Dusseldorf, Germany

novocam_purple Top in all medical areas. Where healthcare is going. https://www.medica-tradefair.com 

novocam / futudent participate: Sari Kanerva 

Contact:  info@futudent.com 
novocam paterner participate: Fimet Oy


16th -18th November 2022 Göteborg Sweden

The Nordic regions's most important meeting place for Swedish dental care. 


Futudent visiting contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com 


22nd - 26th November, Paris, France

Founded in 1970 and bringing together 25 professional organizations representing the entire dental world, the French Dental Association (ADF) has established itself for 50 years as the unifier of the entire profession of dental surgeons.


Futudent paternal participate: SDC - Société des Cendres

Futudent contact: Tiina Holkko
Contact: info@futudent.com 


27th - 30th November, New York, USA

The Greater New York Dental Meeting has again planned an unparalleled educational program for 2022, featuring some of the most highly regarded educators in the field of Dentistry. There is a choice of full-day seminars, half-day seminars and hands-on workshops,  that is sure to fascinate even the most discriminating dentist and staff.


Futudent paternal participate: Enova Illuminations

Futudent contact: Lars Kåhre Contact: info@futudent.com