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Why creating dental treatment plans with video is so important

Oct 25, 2016 9:37:25 AM / by Peter Rusanen

As dental professionals, we all want better treatment plan acceptance. We know that an informed patient is more likely to accept the treatment we recommend and feel satisfied with the procedure. We also know the challenges: it's difficult to describe complex dental procedures to a patient with only words; we fear of talking about high value procedures; not to mention the awkwardness of being looked like a sales person instead of dental professional. 


According to a recent survey by the CEREC Academy, video is by far the most efficient tool to encourage patients to follow through with their treatment recommendations. A video treatment plan is a treatment plan a patient understands and accepts. Engaging and informative personal treatment plan videos answer your patients' questions and help them understand why you have recommended a specific treatment. Dental treatment plan video improves treatment plan acceptance and creates loyal patients.




This is an example of a treatment plan video for a patient who came to the clinic because of lowered esthetics in the front area. After the check up and seeing this video the patient understood the clear need for several crowns also in the back area. Sharing this video to the patient to view it in the privacy of their home, made decision about the recommended treatment easier for the patient.



To learn more, Download our PDF on how to increase treatment acceptance and how Futudent’s MyDentalbook solution enables you to build patient trust and empower patients to take responsibility for their own oral health. 





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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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