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Video dentistry is the new norm

Sep 13, 2019 2:54:16 PM / by Minna Lehtovaara

(Translated from the Finnish article in nordichealthforum.com.)

Finnish dental camera manufacturer Futudent is the world leader in its field of expertise. Clients, dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians and trainers alike will benefit from the recording and documenting of teeth and dental treatments.

In 2010, two childhood friends combined their skills and developed first in the world with the support of Finnish Aalto University and Tekes a video-based documentation and communication tool, which, thanks to its ease of use, streamlines dental work. Today, both the cameras and software are manufactured in Futudent’s own production facilities in Helsinki. Growth has been staggering in Europe, Asia and the United States: Futudent has a 70% market share in easy-to-use mini cameras in the dental industry.

“In recent years, camera technology has developed at a rapid pace. In addition, when the cloud services have become more common, data storage and sharing has become easier, with more and more dentists and dental educators finding the benefits of video,” says Lars Kåhre, CEO of Futudent, co-founder of the company.
Co-founder Peter Rusanen, DDS, MSc takes advantage of the invention itself in his daily patient and educational work. “I use the camera in loupes myself, but it can also be attached to a lamp on a dental chair. By pressing the pedal, the camera shoots video, captures photos, and saves the image file. No post-editing is required.”

Video also helps in planning treatment procedures and communicating with dental technicians. "It is also easier for the patient to make decisions about treatment choices when they have a better understanding of the condition of their teeth after watching the video," Rusanen says.

Deepens customer relationship, improves self-care

In a dental chair, it is difficult to examine your teeth from the mirror and listen to care instructions. “When self-care instructions are received via video and photos via their own link, they will be better understood and the motivation for brushing your teeth will increase,” says dental hygienist Tiina Niemi-Korpi.

She feels that not only has the confidence in her patient relationships deepened, but also her own motivation for work has improved. "I quickly became accustomed to using video, and the cameras are so small they don't interfere with the process."

“Using such non-interruptive, fast, efficient and very affordable cameras will increase significantly within five years. A round of financing is now underway to accelerate the growth of the Futudent, ”Kåhre adds.

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Minna Lehtovaara

Written by Minna Lehtovaara

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