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The only dental video camera you'll ever need - Futudent EduCam

Jan 3, 2017 9:42:00 AM / by Minna Lehtovaara

Futudent EduCam is the gamechanger in visualizing your work to your patients, students and colleagues. Show, share, explain and convince using video, exactly the way you see it.

Born out of the experience gained with 3 previous generations of Futudent cameras, Educam provides you double the quality yet half the price. Futudent EduCam is probably the only dental camera you'll ever need.
With the EduCam you receive a complete package for all your dental video needs that includes:
  • A Full HD camera with 30 frames per second
  • Packaged in a lightweight, sturdy aluminum casing (choose red, blue or silver)
  • Removable USB3 cable (USB2 compatible)
  • Improved exchangeable lenses for increased dept of view
  • Recording SW without license fees and free SW updates
  • Automatic white balance and exposure settings
  • Full compatibility with MyDentalbook.com patient education service
Each package comes standard with connections for your loupes, a foot pedal for hands-free operations and extension cables, so that you don't have to worry about additional purchases. EduCam has multiple mounting options:
  • Chair light, stand or fixed mountable for steady overhead filming and increased magnification. Always available when you want to take a video or still picture.
  • Loupe or head-mountable for point-of-view filming.  Capturing your exact view.
So whether you want to use your videos to educate your patients, document your work, communicate with your colleagues or teach your students, the EduCam is there for you. And what is even better: It is affordable and easy to use.

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Minna Lehtovaara

Written by Minna Lehtovaara

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