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The #1 strategy for increasing your dental practice revenues

Mar 17, 2016 1:13:20 PM / by Peter Rusanen

If you are the sole provider or undisputed market leader of dentistry services in your area, consider yourself lucky - the rest of us, however, are no longer able to avoid feeling the pinch of competition. The increasing number of dental professionals, availability of free information as well as sophistication of buyers are all adding on the pressure the dentists in prime population areas are facing.

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For a business to thrive, it must succeed in setting itself apart from competition. Most dental practices pursue differentiation through price or treatment quality, but in such a mature market the most business-savvy practitioners have adopted the strategy of introducing cutting-edge technology that both improves the patient experience and delivers effective patient education. According to a recent international survey this is a smart strategy - patients perceive collaborative and educational technology positively, and while it promotes patient empowerment, education and engagement, it further drives increased practice sales and profitability.


Download our PDF to read more about the international patient expectations survey and how Futudent educational video technology translates into dental patient loyalty and economic returns.

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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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