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Personalized oral hygiene instruction - Building customer loyalty

Jul 5, 2013 1:29:00 AM / by Peter Rusanen

Futudent's personalized oral hygiene instruction video is the new and improved way of taking care of your patients' oral hygiene.

Instruct your patients
Personal patient videos show and explain detailed oral hygiene instructions. Each video lets your patient see what's been done during the operation and how he can start taking care of his teeth.

Help them remember
Instructions are easier to understand after the operation when pain, anxiety and other discomfort are gone. In addition sending the personal video to the patient takes the information sharing to a whole new level. Watching the video on their own time makes understanding the instructions much easier. This helps your patients achieve better results in their oral hygiene.

Studies show that oral hygiene has a tremendous effect on general health. Read more:

Get better feedback - and results
The reactions of patients have without exception been very positive. The message is getting through and improvement in patients's oral hygiene is starting to show. This gives the dentist the chance to give better care without spending an excess amount of time on it. This leads to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty. This really is a great chance to stand out!

Not only for the dentists
Personal oral hygiene instructions are the perfect tool for the oral hygienists too.

Personalized oral hygiene instruction from Futudent on Vimeo.

On this video the patient is instructed in Finnish.

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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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