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Effective and easy personal oral hygiene education

Oct 28, 2015 10:29:49 AM / by Peter Rusanen

I have noticed than when my patient is laying on the dental chair his or her capability to receive or remember any information is very limited. Even if the patient is sitting next to me and I carefully explain some oral hygiene instructions, the message doesn't remain in the patients mind longer than for just a few hours or days. 


A personal video solves this common challenge in patient education 

I've routinely recorded personal educational videos after every prosthetic treatment. In these short videos I show how to use dental floss, interdental brushes and electrical brush for example. After showing the video on the screen I share the video with my recorded verbal explanation to my patient.

The benefits are that for me it is easy to share this very important information, and my patients are able to watch repeatedly my video message at home. Seeing your own mouth in a video makes it much easier to understand the need for a better oral hygiene. The patient sees the exact movements how to floss or brush a new prosthetic reconstruction in their own mouth. In case of removable prosthesis or dentures I've shared the personal oral hygiene instruction to the responsible family members or nurses at the care home. 


Personal oral hygiene education makes patients happy 

I've noticed that receiving these educational videos is beyond my patients expectations. The feedback has been really positive! I can recommend the same procedures for all dentists and hygienists who care for their patients' oral health and satisfaction.


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Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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