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Video of the week: Veneers on the frontal four incisors

Feb 12, 2015 3:53:00 PM / by Innocent Okeke


Dd12-22 preparation for veneers.


This week's video is in fact a series of videos about veneers on the frontal four incisors. The videos were recorded with the Futudent loupe-mounted camera by doctor Peter Rusanen.

The patient here was unsatisfied with esthetic appearance in the frontal area. Especially the inclination of the first incisor disturbed the patient the most. After the discussion between different treatment options the patient decided for the veneers and did not want to have an orthodontic treatment.



Dd12-22 impression for the veneers.

During the first consultation appointment dr. Rusanen took a normal alginate impression in order to have an wax up. Especially the thickness of the right first incisor was a concern in case the veneer on it would be in the same line than the other frontal incisors.

During the second appointment a putty impression of the wax was taken up and by using the protemp the wax up on the frontal teeth was copied. After we looked from the mirror the appearance of the incisor, which was ok, the needed depth for the veneer preparation was defined and preparation started.


Dd12-22 cementation using Variolink Veneer.

After one week the patient was satisfied with the temporary veneers in the frontal area, and during the third appointment, the impression was taken using Impregum.

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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