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Video of the week by dr. Peter Rusanen

Jan 21, 2015 6:02:00 PM / by Innocent Okeke


This week's dental video is a good example of how a dentist gives the patient personal oral care instructions. With the video image the patient clearly sees how to floss under the bridge and is able keep better care of her oral health.

The video was recorded by dr. Peter Rusanen, DDS, MSc. Dr. Rusanen has been using video technology in his daily dental work for years to improve the communication with his patients, technicians and specialists. The customer feedback has been very positive. For most, the video and pictures dr. Rusanen shares with them, are the first chance to actually see what's happening in their mouth. Own personalized home care guides make oral health care that much easier.


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You can watch more of dr. Rusanen's videos on our dental video library.


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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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