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$10 000 Dental Video Award

Mar 10, 2015 2:58:23 PM / by Innocent Okeke

Futudent Dental video award

To promote video dentistry and information sharing we are proud to launch the world’s first video dentistry competition - the $10 000 Dental Video Award at IDS 2015.

The contest will award a prize of $10,000 to the dentist who submits the best quality dental video, featured on Futudent’s online dental video library, www.futudent.com/library. Video dentistry is a new way for dentists to communicate with the patients, and their treatment team using the power and effectiveness of video.


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In order to join the contest, the participant shares an original video of a dental operation in the Futudent dental video library https://user.futudent.com/library#/. The video that gets most likes, wins. Anyone can participate. Uploading videos starts May 1st. Competition guidelines and awards information will be available on futudent.com during March 2015.

For more details about the $10 000 Dental Video Award, please contact videodentistry(at)futudent.com or see us in person at IDS at booth #11.2 R3.

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Innocent Okeke

Written by Innocent Okeke

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