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MyDentalbook: Bridge Floss homecare instructions for a patient

Jun 23, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Peter Rusanen

Dental education.jpeg
ADEE and Futudent are proud to announce that the entry from the University of Dundee has been chosen as the winner of the annual Video Dentistry Scholarship. Their proposal for Oral Surgery Education in 3D and Full HD turned out to be an absolute favorite among the judges, praising their effort to combine groundbreaking technologies into one package and bringing practical solutions to the education of dental students.
The University of Dundee Team, as lead by Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Macluskey, will be rewarded with Futudent's new Full HD EduCam package and support, allowing them to further develop their project and present their results visually at ADEE meetings in the future.
For more information about the Video Dentistry scholarship, Futudent and/or ADEE, please contact 
Denis Murphy (denis.murphy@adee.org) or Hans Garritzen (hans.garritzen@futudent.com).

Topics: Dentists, Dental hygienists, Why use videos, MyDentalbook, patient education

Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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