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Introducing MyDentalbook

Apr 25, 2016 2:32:13 PM / by Minna Lehtovaara

MyDentalbook is an exciting new service for your practice that allows you to create personal video treatment plans and educational instructions for every patient. MyDentalbook combines cutting edge camera technology with a specialised cloud service to create the ultimate platform for sharing and sending your advice home with your patients.
With MyDentalbook, you can send your patients personal video treatment plans or oral hygiene guides.
 You can share videos, pictures and text, and even receive direct feedback from your patients within a page customized for you.
As nine times out of ten, your patients make their decision about your treatment after they’ve left the office.  The challenge is to help your patients understand the need, trust the diagnosis and make the right decision.  MyDentalbook makes this more easy than ever before. MyDentalbook videos are fast and easy to make, and even easier to share.  To learn more, please click the link in the description box below. 

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Minna Lehtovaara

Written by Minna Lehtovaara

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