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How to make home care guides that have a proven impact on your patient's oral hygiene?

Sep 12, 2016 3:05:47 PM / by Peter Rusanen

During the last four years I have been using my loupe mounted video camera to explain the oral hygiene instructions to my patients.

 After every prosthetic procedure I record a video where I show how to clean the new crown, bridge or denture using the right equipment. Every patient is different and there is a great amount of different brushes and flosses, and in these videos I show what are the right ones to clean the new work. 

I these short patient education videos (max 1 minute) I start by showing how to floss and how to use the right sized interdental brush. In the end I use an electrical brush. In most cases there is some bleeding in the gum and I try to teach my patient to follow these signs of infection and remind them that better oral hygiene is needed. 


After showing the personalized oral hygiene instruction, I share the video to my patient using MyDentalbook service taht allows me to share specific, detailed and personalized instructions with the patient. This way my patients receive my message also at home which helps the change in behaviour . According to my experience my patients get motivated and follow my instructions. They have been really excited to see the instructions in this way.


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Topics: Why use videos, patient education

Peter Rusanen

Written by Peter Rusanen

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